The Wellness Pack by New Spirit Naturals


A comprehensive supplement plan for those desiring optimum health. The Wellness Pack offers over 200 powerful nutrients to rejuvenate your vitality! Recommended by Dr. Larry J. Milam, H.M.D.

Wellness-Pack - The complete supplement system

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whats included in the wellness pack?

Green Magic – Green Magic™ is a total body Rejuvenation Food with NO cholesterol and less than 15 calories per serving. Seventeen nutrient dense foods provide you with a full complex of enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants from nature.

Vita Balance 2000+ – Your Nutritional Basics. Over 125 ingredients in Vita Balance 2000 provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation for good health and wellness by featuring an optimized blend of all essential vitamins and minerals.

Meal in a Glass – Metabolically Balanced Proteins PlusFiber Complex, Vitamins and Minerals. These key nutrients can give you and your family a great start every day.

New Life 1000 – Omega-3 Fatty Acids Essential EPA & DHA. Scientific evidence suggests that, when regularly consumed, supplements from deep cold water fish dramatically reduce harmful fats and triglyceride levels.

Phyto Opti-Zymes™ – A Complete plant-based multi-enzyme complex to help boost digestion. Phyto Opti-Zymes™ is designed to supplement an enzyme deficient diet that can trigger uncomfortable symptoms, including gas and bloating.

Mega Pro Plus – A Powerful Antioxidant Complex. Contains standardized, concentrated Proanthocyanidins(OPC) from Muscadine, Grape and Cranberry Extract, plus standardized extracts to provide broad support for the body’s antioxidant system.

 – All Natural Colon Cleansing Fiber. Each serving contains over 9 grams of digestible and non-digestible fiber plus key nutrients to assist the body’s natural process of elimination without harsh, habit-forming laxatives.


– The Wellness Pack Instructions

  • Wellness Pack is designed to keep it simple.
  • It was developed for all the products to work together
  • Each Step has a well-researched specific purpose
  • It is the foundation for good health
  • Within 3 months most symptoms will go away or decrease significantly

Vitabalance 2000– (multivitamin) 3 a day, If you start to feel sluggish during the day, feel free to take another one or two to give you an extra boost of energy. A serving size is 3 because these vitamins are packed with 125 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace minerals, and herbs.  ***Important To get the full benefit be sure to take at least 3 daily.

Green Magic-(Super Foods)- 1 tsp or more in a smoothie or a glass of water. )-contains probiotic and prebiotics in addition to a host of other beneficial ingredients

Meal in a glass or RSVP– (Protein) – 1 or more scoops daily to boost protein consumption with 8-10 oz of water, milk or other beverage or smoothie. Combine with the green magic for convenience.

Mega pro plus– (Antioxidant) – 1-3 capsules daily, for therapeutic purposes, use 1 capsule for every 30 lbs. of body weight for 30 days, then decrease to 1 capsule for 50 lbs of body weight

New Life 1000– (Fish Oils) 2-3 capsules daily, for therapeutic use to reduce inflammation, and pain take 4-6 daily.

Nutri-Cleanse– (Fiber)4 capsules 1-3 times daily, depending on your fiber intake from other sources. Start with once a day and then increase as needed.

****** Very important- Be sure to consume at least 8 oz of water with each serving of this product. As a bulk-forming fiber-water is necessary for the maximum benefit of the cleansing action. *****

Phyto Opti-Zymes-(Digestive Enzymes)- Take a minimum of 2 capsules with each meal. Also, may take 2 before bed.