Vitamins and Supplements

Although it is ideal to get our nutrients from what we eat, for most of us, it’s not realistic to get everything we need from our food. Following are some supplements that most of us can benefit from. As with anything you put in your body, it is important to read the list of ingredients in your vitamins. Many supplements have artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in them. We certainly don’t need artificial anything in our supplements which we take specifically to make us healthier. It just seems wrong to me!

Multivitamins– provides a comprehensive nutritional foundation for good health and wellness. I take the Vitabalance 2000 from New Spirt which has over 125 ingredients including essential vitamins, macro minerals, amino acids trace minerals and a bio botanical complex of 20 plus herbs. No animal products, sugar, corn wheat or preservatives and NOT GMO!! This is the quality of the multi-vitamin that your body deserves, nothing less!!!

According to Mayo Clinic “A May 2007 medical research study published in May 2007 in the “Nutrition Journal” studied people 65 years and older and found that multivitamins reduced the risk of deficiencies in micronutrients and improved cognitive function ( perception, thinking, reasoning, and remembering). Now if we can all just remember to take our multivitamin we’d be set lol!

It is also believed that due to the B vitamins and vitamin C found in a multivitamin, it can also boost energy levels

Omega 3’s– Most of you know this as fish oils, but for those of you that may have a fish allergy, there are other sources of omega 3 that do not contain fish. Omega 3’s are an anti-inflammatory which makes them great for joint health, they are great in the fight against heart disease as they reduce harmful fats and triglyceride levels. They may also be helpful in reducing the effects of asthma as well as beneficial in calming the central nervous system. I take them to help with restless leg syndrome at night and they work great!!

Probiotics– are excellent for promoting the growth of good bacteria and helping with digestion and immune function. These healthy bacteria, are useful after the use of antibiotics, to help to treat diarrhea, and vaginal yeast infections. It is beneficial in the treatment, of irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal infections , prevention and treatment of eczema in children as well as preventing or reducing the severity of colds and flu.

Vitamin D3– Very important for bone health it helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D3 is also important for the immune system. As many as 85% of people might be deficient in vitamin D3 and those of us in NY in the winter are very likely to be part of that 85%! It is said to support brain health as well. There are studies that indicate that Vitamin D may help protect us from cancer, osteoporosis, hypertension and even some autoimmune diseases according to Mayo Clinic. Also, Mayo Clinic reports that Vitamin D3 deficiency has been associated with muscle weakness and pain in both adults and children.

New Spirit is an all natural supplement developed by a Dr. Larry Milan and a team clinical nutritionist, chemists and research scientist. “They re-explored centuries of knowledge and applied scientific technology to time tested modalities”.

These supplements “have led the Nutritional Industry for more than 30 years offering biologically active ingredients that are monitored in each stage of growing harvesting, extracting and processing and, blended into formulas that can support the body’s innate ability to renew and heal itself… inside and out”. These products are FDA registered.

The philosophy of New Spirit is that “simple dietary and lifestyle choices can protect us from environmental and endogenous (growing in the body) toxins and boost our cellular energy resulting in health and vitality rather than disease and degenerative aging.” I totally support that philosophy which is why is personally use this product for both myself and my family and strongly recommend it.

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