some words from my clients

A life changing experience

“I have known Robin for only 6 months now, but I truly can say in that short time, it has been a life changing experience for me. After the new year, i knew I had to do something about myself and my weight. My daughter Andrea had been working with Robin to get in shape after having her baby. She looks so amazing now. She told me about Robin and what it entailed and I said, “Maybe I will give it a try”. If you would have asked men 6 months ago, describe exercise in one word, my word would have been “hate”. My new one word description is “love”. If someone would have told me that they could make me love exercise, I would have told them “your nuts”, but Robin did it.” – Antoinette Christensen

Robin is the consummate professional in all aspects

Robin has been my trainer since 2007 when she came highly recommended by a close friend. Although I was hesitant about working one on one with someone, Robin’s open and friendly demeanor quickly put me at ease.  The knowledge she has and her passion to share is with others is what clinched the deal for me. Robin is the consummate professional in all aspects of her business, both health/excersise related as well as the day-to-day management necessary of any small business owner. Robin is both a knowledgeable and dedicated personal fitness trainer.  She continues to educate herself by taking classes. Personal training and promoting a healthy lifestyle is not just a job for her  its her calling. Robin takes the “personal” in personal trainer very seriously. She tailors fitness routines and exercises to fit both individuals and groups and to people of all fitness levels.  Robin keeps her session interesting and fresh.  She is kind and firm and encourages you to do a little more than you think you can.  Her focus is always on form as well as function.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  She not only teaches you an exercise but also explains exactly what muscles the exercises focuses on and what it will do for you. In all the years I’v worked with Robin she has never canceled or been late for a session. If I need to reschedule a session she works hard to make sure there is another time for me to come in. Her space is well organized, the machines and equipment are cleaned after each use.” – Bridget Norman

Robin has been instrumental in maintaining our fitness and guiding us

“My wife and I have exercised (and eaten) under Robin’s watchful eyes for over 5 years. Robin has been instrumental in maintaining our fitness and guiding us toward a more healthful diet. Whenever a minor infirmity bother us, it is Robin who fives us exercises (or invents) them to ameliorate the problem.  Our children  have attended her session and they have alway benefited from them not only because of Robin’s diligence and extensive knowledge, but because of her kind and solicitous manner.  Robin has a fiercely loyal clientele who always speaks of her with the greatest praise.  Robins intense scrutiny enables her to make clients at a group session feel like there each at a private session.  She always thinks of new and interesting contests to help us stay on the correct path in regard to nutrition.  The excellent book she has written and her column in the local paper serve no only to keep us informed when not in her presence, they give us the feeling that we are  tutelage of a celebrity.  What may be Robin’s most important assets is her constant commitment to a headful lifestyle.  Her commitment is obvious and this inspires us to strengthen our own individual commitments to a headful lifestyle.” – William Williams

Her personality makes it fun to work out

“I have trained with Robin since February, 2011. She has trained me between two and tree times per week. Robin is an amazing trainer. Her personality makes it fun to work out.  She has helped me to lose 41l bs and to break through a plateau that I hadn’t been able to accomplish before.  Her gym is clean and organized and she is always prepared. One of the best things that she does is that everyone in the group class gets her personal attention.” – Paula Gabay

Robin is the main reason I continue with my fitness regime

“I have trained with Robin for over 7 years. She is a highly qualified personal trainer who continually takes courses to advance in her field.  Robin has shown commitment to her clients that I find refreshing. When I started training with Robin she tailored a program specific to my needs.  I can honestly say that several years later she is the main reason I continue with my fitness regime.  She has a wealth of knowledge in not only fitness, but nutrition and general health issues.” –
Laura Rooney