Special needs training & nutrition program

Eating and Exercise Class

Special Needs Training & Nutrition

For those with special needs, cooking is a great opportunity to increase confidence and independence, put basic academic skills to use in a functional way, and an opportunity to learn how to eat healthy while experimenting with new food.

Cooking can relieve stress, teach time management skills, improve memory, attention and focus, improve self-esteem and create a great sense of accomplishment

Each class we make an all-natural or organic recipe. The participant works with as little or as much assistance as needed.

They are taught the basics of washing their hands before handling food, how to measure out ingredients and cleaning up, cutting (with a special cooking glove) etc.

While the recipe is either cooking or chilling, we work out for about 10-15 minutes. Then we go back into the kitchen where the participant enjoys the recipe. The client brings home the leftovers to share their creation with family which usually brings them so much delight.

They are sent home with a copy of the recipe to keep in a binder. Eventually, they will fill up the binder making their own cookbook filled with the recipes from this class. I supply a Tupperware for them to bring home the leftovers. I send the Tupperware home full and they bring it back to me empty the next cooking class.

My clients have gotten so much joy from this class.

Gluten Free Options always available

Personal Training Sessions

Exercise helps reduce stereotypic behaviors improve attention span, promote weight loss, establish a routine

Tailored to meet the Specific Needs and desires of each Participant. Sessions consist of cardio training (exercise bike, elliptical and/or treadmill or maybe even a walk outside on a nice day)

Strength Training consists of yoga balls, resistant bands, medicine ball, dumbbells, Bowflex and body weight.

Special Needs Training & Nutrition
Special Needs Training & Nutrition