Benefits of Autism and Exercise

Benefits of Autism and Exercise

Benefits of Autism and Exercise

Autism is a neurobiological, developmental disorder which includes an impaired ability to communicate and relate to others socially, repetitive behaviors and the need to follow very a specific routine.

Although there is no cure for Autism at this time research suggest that some sports, exercise, and other physical activities can help improve symptoms, behaviors, and quality of life for those with autism.

Studies have shown that increased aerobic exercise can significantly decrease the frequency of some of the very common negative, behaviors. Behaviors such as body rocking, spinning, head-nodding etc. that interfere with positive social behavior and learning. Exercise can help control this negative energy. Additionally, exercise can discourage aggressive and self-injurious behavior while improving attention span.

It is believed that the structured routines and repetitiveness of aerobic exercise may be similar to the negative repetitive actions associated with autism. Exercise replaces these negative actions with positive movements that improve the brain and strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles and improve balance and coordination.

I have seen great improvements in the young adults with autism after a short time participating in a fitness program. It is great for their confidence and keeps them focused throughout the day!

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