About UsAbout Rockin’ Robin Fitness

I am Robin DeNicola  I am  excited to be a part of the New Spirit Naturals family. I have been benefiting from these amazing products since 2012. These products have made a tremendous difference in My life and the lives of my family and friends.
My goal in life is to continue to help my family and friends understand how they can benefit from these amazing products. Please take a moment to look at some of our favorite products below.
While I was employed as a Nutritional Counselor working for a Holistic Health Center in 2011, I received my training & certification in the use of the New Spirit Naturals line of nutritional supplements. Soon after, I incorporated the distribution and use of New Spirit Naturals supplements into my work with clients attending personal training sessions at Rockin’ Robin Fitness.
Today, I  continue to recommend and distribute these wonderful products to all of  family, friends and clients and now to all of you with the hopes that we can make a difference in your life too!!